Agorize is specialized in organizing online innovation challenges. Launched in 2011, the company works with 180 key accounts in France and abroad, and has organized more than 250 challenges involving a community of 5 million innovators (students, developers, startups and employees) through its dedicated platform.

The startup raised a total of €3 million from French and German investment funds (Iris Capital, Bouygues Développement and Capnamic Ventures) between 2014 and 2015. It has offices in Paris, Stuttgart, San Francisco and Hong Kong. Agorize's clients include Google, Orange, Allianz, Microsoft, Bank of America, Total and Axa. 

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AirSerenity SAS is an R & D company in the field of indoor air treatment that focuses on the destruction of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi) and physical particles (i.e smoke, animal hairs).

The team at AirSerenity is passionate about two topics: air quality and innovation. With this mindset, we develop a range of high efficiency environmental solutions. Thanks to the expertise of our engineers, two technologies are combined: highly specialized materials and cold plasma. Their combination enables the destruction of both chemical and biological pollutants. This unique, scientifically proven, and patented process destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, physical particles and other chemical pollutants.

Our indoor air purifiers are manufactured in a sustainable way. Our respect for sustainable solutions has grown with our business, from the new materials used in our devices to their packaging. Appliances, boxes, in fact almost all of the items we produce are 100% recyclable. We are continuously improving our low power consumption and energy efficiency to reduce our environmental impact in a sustainable way.



Clim8 is an intelligent heating technology applicable on most next-to-skin garments. We make you comfortable no matter how cold it is and what activities you are doing. We monitor, analyze, activate, and regulate temperature, making a truly intelligent shirt. Keeping you regulated, warm and comfortable all day long. You can take control with our app.


Fairman Consulting

Fairman Consulting is a French Management Consultancy group, founded in Paris in 2010. The Hong Kong office was created in mid-2014 to reach our Asia Pacific client’s organizations. We work with Financial Institutions and provide them with our solutions to insure the success of their transformation programs, such as in Regulatory Adaptation, Cost optimization and efficiency commitments, and Growth & Development.

All Fairman consultants have a long experience in the financial industry, allowing us to have a strong operational expertise. Benefiting from this strength, Fairman strives to seek the best solutions adapted to its clients in an innovative way.


Loyal Wines

Loyal Wines is an E-commerce marketplace for genuine and exclusive fine wine. It is the first platform to guarantee online transactions of authentic wines and spirits. Our patented process is revolutionizing the wine market by building the first seamless chain of trust from wineries to wine lovers.

Loyal Wines brings the most advanced technology available to ensure wine authenticity and stop counterfeits. Based on SELINKO asymmetric encryption, our technology is impossible to crack. Our NFC transmitters are stable and durable passive chips.

Loyal patented solution leverages NFC technology to bring a breakthrough in wine customer experience. Loyal Wines experience is 100% mobile thanks to the security chip implemented on each wine bottle offered. Consumers interact with the security chip on the wine bottle with a compatible smartphone.

We create authentic links thanks to genuine wine.



Optemar is a system designed by a team of French entrepreneurs capable of delivering very substantial cash flow in control and operation of large merchant ships or warships.

Not only does it generate savings in fuel consumption it also reduces pollution air emissions, with the added core benefit of moving from a periodic maintenance model of the engine towards a conditional maintenance one.

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OUI Smart

At Oui Smart, we focus on innovation. We are trying to fundamentally reinvent the way that people view mobile phone accessories. We aim to produce accessories that make our customers' lives easier. 

We introduced Oui Power magnetic charging cable that works with all mobile devices and now we present the Moovy, a fusion between the professionalism of a briefcase and the functionality of a messenger bag which can charges all your devices anywhere.



ORIGONE is a company specialized in cyber-security who provides innovative protection and security solutions
to response at these cyber challenges and risks, easy to set up and use, both for companies and government
agencies that for the demanding individuals.

So to meet these needs, ORIGONE offers an adapted solution : ORISECURE Foundation.


Softbank Robotics

Leader in the humanoid robotics market, SoftBank Robotics (formerly ALDEBARAN ROBOTICS) designs and produces kind and interactive humanoid robots who assist professionals from the worlds of education, research, health, distribution and tourism, as well as helping families and private individuals. Our goal is to make robots our daily companions and accessible to everyone. We believe in a future where humanoid robots will assist humans in their day-to-day lives, in their family lives, in their leisure activities and in their work.




Ubudu develops a proximity interaction solution, based on accurate indoor positioning technology. It helps businesses to enhance visitors’ experience or improve operational efficiency in physical venues:

  • Ubudu Track, to track location and presence inside buildings. McDonald’s now deploys Ubudu Track worldwide, which helps them cut table service time by by 20sec.
  •  Ubudu Navigate, to provide accurate indoor wayfinding. Louvre Museum offers with Ubudu Navigate the world’s widest indoor wayfinding solution, which helps them to increase in-app purchase rate to 15%.
  • Ubudu Engage, to provide the right message at the right place and time to the right customer. JCDecaux and Carrefour deploy it worldwide, to target customers with personalised offers and services.
  • Ubudu Insights, to provide venue and customer analytics, based on location data. Intermarché supermarkets use it to get a precise view of customer journeys.

Wassa is an innovative digital agency focusing on solutions with great added value. 

Experts in Computer Vision and Machine Learning, we work on Image Recognition and Facial Identification algorithms that analyze pictures and video streams to collect informations and datas, and provide customized services. Our solutions adapt to any platform (mobile / web / kiosk / CCTV …).

Wether you are looking to enhance the user experience of your products, collect datas about your consumers, analyze the human traffic and behavior in a location, or create new ways of interacting with your users, our Innovation Lab brings scientific expertise to design the most adapted solution to your goals.




The connected lighting solution for the smart home era, WiZ is the latest masterpiece in a long string of highly successful innovations from TAO Group, a French-Asian company based in Hong Kong.

WiZ connects to the cloud to provide the best ambiance to see, read and live. Enjoy a healthier lifestyle, get more done and make your home look amazing with plug and play smart lighting set up on your Wi-Fi network. No bridge, no gateway required.

Designed in Paris, engineered in Hong Kong and Shanghai, we are revolutionizing the lighting industry with the power of creativity and technology. Since 2004, we’ve been designing decorative luminaires and engineering technical lighting. We built some of the very first mass market LED bulbs and have produced over 80 million lights. Now we’re one of the key players in the smart lighting industry with deployment in 25+ countries worldwide.